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Buser & Associates Construction Warranty

The expectation that your landscape will perform as intended as is by general warranties. Plants, lawns, hardscapes-patios, walkways, driveways and other products react to their natural environment and lifespan reasons. Proper care, periodic inspection and maintenance are the best courses of action to ensure a long-lasting and even more beautiful landscape over time. Our general warranties are intended to ensure that the work we perform is free from defects and meet the absolute highest quality standards. They also identify most normal risk associated with customized installations that are alive, growing and subject to a variety of external and environmental factors.

Most problems with plants or with any part of the landscape installation will appear within a few weeks or occasionally within a few months.



Trees and Shrubs: We will perform one replacement within one year from original installation. This covers any trees or shrubs that die, provided it has had proper care (including winter/summer watering and arbor wrap on deciduous trees). Parts of a plant may die as a normal reaction to transplanting. An injured plant will be pruned and/or trained if there is reasonable expectation that it  will return to its normal habit over time. There is no warranty for plants that have not received proper care or plants damaged mechanically or by events of nature, animals or insects/diseases.


Perennials and Ground covers: There is no warranty for perennials or ground covers. Even though many of these plants are considered "hardy" in our climate zone, they are more susceptible to changing environmental factors at any time in their life cycle, especially in a new landscape. The best prevention from loss over winter is winter protection or mulching according to the specific type of plant. Winter protection during the first year is highly recommended.

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